Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well, it has been awhile since I have posted so here is the weekend review. Last Sunday at the Big Game I managed to land a 3rd place finish, not too bad for only my second one. On Wednesday I think I placed 5th in the Mookie, and about the same in the Mookie 2nd chance. Now tell me, if the woman calls and you tell her you are playing two final tables at the same time (I was at both Mookie final tables at the same time), would you be slightly more than a little pissed if she called you back about 15 seconds after you hung up with her so she could tell you about something going on at the bar?!?! Let me tell you, I was! Thanks to that incident, along with a few Captian and diet’s, I managed to finish short of the money in the Mookie 2nd Chance, as I managed to donk off more chips than necessary while trying to play both tables and carry on a fucking conversation.

In the meantime, Stars has decided it hates me as it continues to fuck me up the ass in my SnG’s. I think I have been getting no more than one 2nd place in every three games, always to some fucking donk on the river. In my last one, while heads up that lasted for fucking ever, every time I was about to bust this ass out, he’d catch on the fucking river and double up. Only justice that I would fail to catch on my river and bust out in second yet again.

In the semi good news department, I played my first non-blogger HORSE tourney and managed to go out in 42nd of 640 something. Didn’t pay much, but it seems I can hold my own in the game. Just my luck that as the blinds and antes go huge that my razz hands were all good stud hands, my stud hands were all good razz hands and all my h/l hands were just good enough to see at least the flop and would just improve enough one way or the other to get me to call, and then promptly fall apart. Oh well, we all know that the game is rigged to do just that! Who knows, maybe tomorrow Ms. Budo will get off the computer at a decent hour so I can get some quality time in on the tables, lol, I crack myself the fuck up!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sorry xkm, it was a misread....

Well, it looks like I did a major mis-read in a tier two token game. I had just recently rallied from the short stack to the chip leader. I'm in the BB for 800 when xkm pushes for his last 1200. I assumed since he pushed he wanted a caller so with only 400 to make the call I made it with my garbage Q8o. Turns out he only had T7s. If only he had hoyed me, then I would have taken that as a fold sign, or if he had girlie chatted me and told me to fold I only would have been too happy to. So instead of him getting a token, I sent him to the rail with $57. I am so sorry about that xkm, busting you out was not the intent, I thought I was donating. Next time hoy me and I will fold like a girl.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Tale of Two Mookies

In The Mookie I last night about the only hand I could take any pots with was the Hammer. I think I saw the hammer four or five times last night and played it all but once due to a huge pre-flop raise. Short of those, I took a few more thanks to some lucky draws, but I eventually busted out after the break shortly before The Mookie II: HORSEing Around.

Don’t ask me how I did it, but I pretty much kept myself in the top five of the Mookie II for the whole damn thing, heck, even led the damn thing a couple times!! As I’m sure everyone at my table saw, I suck in all forms of limit poker, and thanks to some lucky donktastic plays, kept myself up there and actually scored me a token, whoo hoo! Pretty much as soon as we hit token status, we just played in push-monkey mode. While some may complain about such things, I did not care as by that time it was around 12:30 am Central time and I had to be up in six hours for work, heck I’m just glad I managed to stay awake during the final table!

So now I haves me two tier one tokens, so with a bit of luck I’ll score my tier two token for the Big Game this Sunday! As for tonight, we have the last of a great series, DADI X: Fight the Power, the last in series.

The Big Game
Full Tilt
$69 + $9 (Cash or token)
9:30 PM Eastern
Double Stacks
Password: donkey

DADI X: Fight the Power
Full Tilt
$24 + $2 (Cash or token)
9:00 PM Eastern
Short Handed (6-max per table)
Password: pokertrust

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Robot Thinks Human Flesh Is Bacon

But some of us already knew this. Keep that bottle of apricot lotion nearby at all times, as everyone knows that apricots (and most fruit for that matter) are a natural repellent to our bacon consuming robot overlords.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wisconsin Set Back 100 Years

That’s right, you (may have) heard it here first, Wisconsin successfully moved back 100 years thanks to 59% of our voters! The gay marriage ban was worded to entice people to vote “Yes” even though it has much larger repercussions. This is not just a ban on gay marriage in the State; it also bans all Civil Unions, both homo- and hetero, and also makes any Civil Union or gay marriage performed outside of the State to be null and void within the State. Be interesting to see how that one plays out once it reaches the Supreme Court, as I’m sure it will in the next few years.

Gotta love those Christian Conservatives for bringing that one on. And keeping with the tradition of good Christian Conservatives, they of course brought back the Death Penalty to the State for an encore. Now Murder in the First can be executed, as long as there is supporting DNA evidence. Good thing they did not define what supporting DNA evidence is, that way they can line up as many as possible.

Maybe during the 2008 election we also ban interracial marriage, bring back segregation, and get rid of that pesky Woman’s Suffrage thingy.

The opponents of the gay marriage ban really blew it in their ads. Their focus on the gay portion only served to focus people on that one portion of the legislation. To get a majority of people on board, the focus should have been on the ban of civil unions. Once that legislation goes into affect, all people in the state who have one will get to kiss it goodbye, along with all of the legal protections and rights it affords. The fallout on this should ensue soon enough I’m sure.

One thing that did surprise me was how close Ryan’s seat was. I’m in the 1st Congressional District here in WI, and this part of the state tends to have a pretty decent Republican slant. Without any ads (at least I didn’t see any), Ryan only got 56% of the vote, and for a 3rd or 4th term incumbent, that should send a loud and clear message.

And as we sign off for the day, you all know the drill:

The Mookie
Full Tilt
22:00 ET

Be there!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Big Game Tilt

Ungoddamedmotherfuckingreal. After building my stack up to around 4,200 after managing to get myself down to around 1,100, I find myself with TT and raise it to 666 from Mungo who had made it 366 (you know how Mungo loves those crazy bets). He calls. Flop is 83T rainbow, he checks, I bet 666, he pushes, I call. The only thing I am really worried about is that he was playing a 97 and hit an OESD. He shows 88 to my TT and I’m sitting pretty. 4 hits the turn and I’m getting ready to move into 2nd place, if not 1st in this, my first Big Game. River brings an 8 and I watch all my chips get shipped to Mungo. My jaw dropped as my brain processes what just happened. That damn Canuck must have had some pretty fucking huge horseshoe up his ass as he hit his one outer to send me to the rail.

Ah well, cant really complain about the way we played it. I’m sure when he bet he put me on a pocket pair or an AT and was happy to see me bet into his set. I was just as happy to see him push into my set so was I happy to make the call. I was near euphoric to see him show a set of 8’s as the whole table pretty much saw the pot shipping my way. The whole hand played out just the way you would want it to, except of course that part about him hitting his quads on river. It was nice to see that he took pretty good care of those chips, as he made 3rd place and got himself a nice little payday there.

And now for the obligatory tourney pimpage:

Monday: Monday’s at the Hoy (MATH)
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $20+2
Time: 22:00 ET
Password: hammer

Tuesday: WWdN (Name) Invitational (the Name changes, bust out the host; Wil Wheaton, and the next one is named after you).
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 20:30 ET
Password: monkey

Wednesday: The Mookie
Where: Full Tilt
Buy-in: $20+2
Time: 22:00 ET
Password: vegas1

Thursday: WWdN: Not the (Name) Invitational (the Name changes to the 2nd place finisher, ie, Not quite good enough!)
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 23:00 ET
Password: monkey

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

32...Not So Good

Learned a valuable lesson at the WWdN Blogger game last night. When you find yourself having trouble focusing on the screen, it takes you most of your time to decide your action, when you want bet 3.5x BB and you bang in 350 (at 25/50), when you call down bets as your holding 66 on a board A9J with a flush to boot, you then realize that it’s way past time to check your blood sugar.

To start, the drive home, which normally takes about 1:15, took over 2:30 due to an accident involving a couple of semi’s about ½ way home. When I got home, I had to do some repair to the ferret cage, it seems the pig had been sleeping in front of it and his one of his tusks seems to had hook through and he seriously messed it up trying to get himself away. So I popped in real quick and got myself signed up, late, but there. By now, my food/insulin shot times are way off.

The game got going and I managed to more than double up by mid way through the 20/40 level, but that was when (looking back) I started to have some problems due to the low blood sugar. One unfortunate thing about low blood sugars (for me anyways) is that when you get yourself involved in something, it becomes difficult to notice that you are running low. In fact, at the live games people have asked me if I am doing all right once or twice as they notice before I do.

Anyways, shortly before break and just after donking off about 2/3 of my stack, mostly in that 66 hand mentioned above, I realized all was not well and checked the Sit Out box. Broke out the kit, checked the sugar and saw that it was 32. For reference, normal is 70-110 so I was pretty damn low. By the time I got the sugar back up, the game was going again and I sat down to around 835ish in chips with 75/150 blinds and the BB about to hit me again. Checked my Q high pocket, checked the flop and pushed the turn when it had been checked earlier—there was a Q on the flop. Sadly that turn was a K, which New just happened to have and with that, IGH.

After that miserable play what’s a boy to do? That’s right, fire up Tilt and play a SnG (non-token). At least I got to pad my roll there!

Don’t forget, tonight is the Mookie and we are still looking to cross that 80 player threshold so get over there and sign up!! Sadly I will not be there as I will be playing a live game tonight at the bar simply ‘cause it’s my birthday and they have a wonderful tradition. As the b-day boy, I will start double stacked. That nice little advantage will not last long cause as soon as we are all sitting, the TD will announce that I am the b-day boy and for the first two hours of play, everyone who buys me a drink will get a 500 chip. And Wednesdays typically have 40-60 players, methinks I will be in need of a new liver tomorrow! Dial-a-shot anyone?