Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jobs, Poker, Lost Dogs and Jury Duty

Well, it looks like it has been awhile since I’ve made a post. Since last we blogged, I was re-organized out of a job, won $1,300 in a live cash tourney (the very same week mind you), and then my poker winnings went into a massive downslide. On the job search front, a few calls only to be told I’m “over qualified,” man, does that get old. On the poker front, I may have gotten my game back somewhat, I’ve had a few cashes in tourneys and a couple of decent live cash games (though it only takes the wife two days to drink away my roll at the bars). Keep in mind that we play our games in the bars, and she usually pisses away a buy-in then socializes until I’m done, oh well, what can you do. Had to get her playing so I didn’t have to spend four to six nights a week sleeping on the couch, lol!

But as of now, I feel the winds of change are blowing my way. I had jury duty this week, so after waiting around for four hours, we were released for the day, and when I called back, I found out that we were not needed and our ‘service’ was over. Never even saw the inside of a courtroom.

When I got home, just as I got to my door I saw two pit bulls looking at me on the sidewalk. I popped inside, got a leash, and saw them at the end of the block. I did my best to try to catch up, but they were really moving. I last saw them well away from my ability to catch up, so I started home. Just as I started home, a woman in a truck asked if I saw two dogs. I told her where I saw them headed; she thanked me and headed that way.

About three houses from home, two pit bulls ran past me with the Animal Control van right behind. I got the attention of one of the pit bulls, got it to the side, got it to sit, then lay down, hooked up a leash and handed her off. The Animal Control guy thanked me, got in the van then headed after the other one, who popped out a few houses up the road. I got her attention too, and got her to come to me. I then got her to sit, lay down, then leashed her and handed her off.

With the dogs contained, I told the Animal Control guy that I had sent the owner a few blocks away to where I had seen them headed and asked him to follow me to her. He said fine, I got in my car and he followed me to the owner, where the Animal Control guy proceeded to hand off the dogs to her. One family reunited, two dogs did not have to go to the pound, one owner who did not have to pay any tickets or fines, and one Animal Control guy who didn’t even have to catch the dogs (he even asked if I wanted his job, lol). Everybody was happy with the results.

Today in the mail, the day after my jury duty concluded, was a questionnaire from the Clerk of Circuit Courts to see if I am eligible for jury duty, anyone wanna lay odds on that one?