Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Live Poker in Kenosha!?!?

My oh my, it has been awhile since a post. Let’s see, Sue went to visit her family down in Florida over her birthday until Nov. 30th. Taking care of all the critters while rushing to and fro from work was quite the chore.

Just before she left, I stumbled across a small Hold’em tourney that is held nightly here in Kenosha!! I’ve tried a couple of the night games, but they just run too late for me so I have become a Saturday/Sunday player. My point standing so far is pretty damn good, considering I only get to play three times a week (one of which I’m pretty much falling asleep about ½ way through). As of now, there is a pretty decent chance that I will make the December month final (held the first Friday in January). So that means that there is a slight chance for me to make the WSOP qualifier in March/April. It’s pretty much the top 144 players who will be in it, and as of now I am number 215. That gives me a boost of confidence, considering that points are accumulated from September to February, and I only just started playing the week of Thanksgiving. Sadly, there is not much time left to play this month. I missed both this past Sundays games due to the Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony, and Christmas Eve is on Saturday, and I usually spend that night with the family and then Sunday is Christmas Day. I’ll need to check and see if they plan on have a game at either location. That means I better make at least one final table this weekend or else!!