Monday, October 23, 2006

6 Fucking Times!!!!

Six goddamed motherfucking times some ass caught runner-runner straights and fucking busted me out of my fucking tourneys!!! Un.Fucking.Real.

A Few Notes from Last Night

I don’t know about you, but I am freaking exhausted. Played one of the 100 FPP games on Stars for their WPT Caribbean Adventure. Game started at 9:00ish my time and I played until 2:30 am, and yes, I made it to the 10,000 FPP round two game!! Less than four hours later, time to get up and go to work.

I’m quite excited about this, as this will be the first time I have managed to win a seat to a second round game, bonus that it was a ‘free roll.’ Only handed out one major suckout all night. It was getting rather late; I was tired and had already lost about ½ my stack when I made a bad call. I was dealt ATo in the blind and called an EP min-raise. Flop gave me a ten so I bet the pot, got an all-in from EP and I called, after all, I would at least get my 100 FPP back and get to go to be. He showed Hiltons, but an A on the river sent him packing and pretty much put me back in the top 5.

One guy got me to chuckle when he called me a donkey for calling his 4x BB bet with an AKs and I hit 2 pair on the flop. This from the joker with a 76.3% VPIP. Crippled him on that hand and took him out the next orbit when he pushed with a 74o.

The one who irritated me was when there were three limpers and I had AQ s on the button so I raised it. Short stack pushed (only about 200 or 300 more) and everyone called. When the flop hit it missed me but the first to act pot bet and everyone folded. Ya know what he bet with? A flush DRAW! A J high flush Draw! What kind of a moron pushes people out of a pot with an all-in if they haven’t even made a hand yet!?! Well he missed his flush, neither his J nor his 4 hit, and shorty with 33 quadrupled up. Gotta love the morons with no concept of basic poker strategy in tourneys.

PCA round Two!!

5 handed fuckin table and I get 88 vs KK.  Un.Fucking.Real. Moved me from 2nd to fucking 7th. And only 6 move on….

Made the final table, now 2nd….

And I made it!! Whoo hoo, never made a freeroll before, wish me luck to the PCA!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Farewell Chipster...Octobers Suck

I’m beginning to wonder about October’s. This past week on Thursday one of my cats, Chip, passed away. You may or may not remember that just about this time last year my dog, Moto, passed away.

Chip was fairly young for a cat, she was around 12ish. Quite often, she would be on my lap as I donked away in our blogger games, sng’s or other games online. I cant recall off the top of my head what it was she had, but it slowly caused her to get thinner and thinner, slowly wasting away. The meds we got from the vet pretty much just took the spark from her, so we took her off the meds. Keeping her on the meds would have prolonged her existence, but not her life. It would have just been prolonging her death rather than increasing her life, so we let her live out the rest of her life as she had, only with a bunch of canned food (we usually only serve dry food for the cats, with the canned stuff as a special treat now and again).

During the last week, she spent much more time on my lap while I played online. She would usually just spend some quality time with me, around 45 minutes or so and then go off and do cat things, but up till the end she would usually say with me for hours, just laying there and purring. On Thursday, she got up a bit early and hopped off my lap, and with a slight wobble, walked off and went to where she likes to sleep behind the bed, and there she passed away. After not seeing her on Friday or all day Saturday, we suspected the worst, so we opened a couple cans of cat food that would normally bring her running, but when she did not show we started our search and found her where she likes to sleep (not an easy spot to get to mind you).

So now if I could ask you all to indulge me for a moment, won’t you all join me in a chant for all those who have passed.

Great Dharani

shin-myo jang-gu dae-da-ra-ni
na-mo-ra da-na da-ra ya-ya
na-mak ar-ya ba-ro-gi-je sae-ba-ra-ya
mo-ji sa-da-ba-ya ma-ha sa-da-ba-ya
ma-ha ga-ro-ni-ga-ya

om sal-ba-ba-ye su da-ra-na
ga-ra-ya da-sa-myong
i-mam ar-ya ba-ro-gi-je
sae-ba-ra da-ba i-ra gan-ta
na-mak ha-ri-na-ya ma-bal-ta
i-sa-mi sal-bal-ta sa-da-nam
su-ban a-ye-yom sal-ba bo-da-nam
ba-ba-mar-a mi-su-da-gam da-nya-ta

om a-ro-gye a-ro-ga
ma-ji-ro-ga ji-ga-ran-je
hye-hye-ha-rye ma-ha mo-ji
sa-da-ba sa-ma-ra sa-ma-ra ha-ri-na-ya
gu-ro-gu-ro gal-ma sa-da-ya sa-da-ya
do-ro-do-ro mi-yon-je
ma-ha mi-yon-je da-ra da-ra
da-rin na-rye sae-ba-ra ja-ra-ja-ra
ma-ra-mi-ma-ra a-ma-ra
mol-che-ye hye-hye ro-gye sae-ba-ra
ra-a mi-sa-mi na-sa-ya
na-bye sa-mi sa-mi na-sa-ya

mo-ha ja-ra mi-sa-mi
na-sa-ya ho-ro-ho-ro ma-ra-ho-ro
ha-rye ba na-ma-na-ba
sa-ra sa-ra shi-ri shi-ri
so-ro so-ro mot-cha mot-cha
mo-da-ya mo-da-ya
mae-da-ri-ya ni-ra-gan-ta
ga-ma-sa nal-sa-nam

shit-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ma-ha-shit-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
shit-ta-yu-ye sae-ba-ra-ya sa-ba-ha
ni-ra-gan-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ba-ra-ha mok-ka shing-ha
mok-ka-ya sa-ba-ha

ba-na-ma ha-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ja-ga-ra yok-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
sang-ka som-na-nye mo-da-na-ya sa-ba-ha
ma-ha-ra gu-ta da-ra-ya sa-ba-ha
ba-ma-sa gan-ta i-sa-shi che da
ga-rin-na i-na-ya sa-ba-ha

mya-ga-ra jal-ma ni-ba
sa-na-ya sa-ba-ha na-mo-ra
da-na-da-ra ya-ya na-mak ar-ya
ba-ro gi-je sae-ba-ra-ya

For a short amount of poker content, on Sunday I got into a $3 MTT on Stars. It was quite the rollercoaster ride, but of the 2,423 people in it, I went out in a miserable 20th. It was rather odd, but during my last 45 min or so in the tourney, I went up against the same big stack in six pots. Of them, I was way ahead in five of them, but nun-the-less, that bastard took the pot. Every.single.time. Lost over 250K to him in the six hands I played. Naturally I went out with pocket Aces. He bet enough to put me all in, I happily called as did the guy next to me. Me AA, the guy next to me, AK, Mr. Big Stack, QJ. Flop was J4Q, followed up with an A then a Q. I felt a rage losing to this guy six times, especially when I was ahead nearly every time and lost my entire stack to him. I damn near put my fist through the monitor. Then I realized something, I missed not having my cat with me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Live and Learn

Well, by and large, I got raped at the tables last night. It seemed I was always fucking out kicked. The only positive note, I finally won myself a token in one of the marshmallow peep sex tourneys on Full Tilt. It’s about fracking time with one of those, I’ve been trying for a bit an never seemed to catch one. It just seems as if I didn’t have my Full Tilt groove on or something like that. I think the main thing is, I forgot about the Pot Bet button, I was always wondering about the size of some of those raises. Oh well, live and learn, and then show those mother frackers what you’ve got!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working on my MATH

Well I managed to bubble myself out the Hoy last night, not too bad, it was my third time playing it. Started out slow, thought I would be out before the first half hour was done, but I managed to catch a few and eventually work my way up in chips. All in all, I didn’t make too many mistakes along the way, just one bad read on Surflexus when we were down to four pretty much crippled me and I was out shortly thereafter.

On a more unusual note, I hit quads no less than three times yesterday. The first time was during one of the $3 Rebuy madness games on Stars. I was slowly bleeding off chips and was down to about 2,200 (did the instant rebuy at the start) and hadn’t yet won a pot in the first 40 min of the game. Finally I was dealt KK and made a standard 3x BB bet and had one caller. Flop gave me a set and it went check check. Turn gave me quad Kings, so I figured let’s try to keep this person in so I checked again and so did he (damn it). River was a nine so I figured I’d make a nice small bet of 1/3 of the pot hoping to make it look like a cheap steal. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when he pushed all in. I did a double check just to make sure I really had quads, then made the call. He had been holding pocket nines so that nine on the river gave him a boat, nines full of Kings. He was rather disappointed to watch that pot get shipped my way. As they say DQB!!

My next two were in the Hoy. First time I was able to limp in with 44. Flop gave me a set, so I checked, got a bet, I raised, he reraised all-in and I called. If I remember correctly, it was top two with a flush draw, but a four hit on the turn and I had no worries.

The next one, I actually missed. I had 99 in late position so I made it 300 to go (50/100) and got a raise to 600 by I do not remember who and a call by Kat. Suddenly my 99 was not looking so good and I folded. Would have hit a set on the flop and quadded on the river, that time it was just not meant to be.

I do remember seeing several more instances of quads in tourneys and sng’s last night, I get the feeling that yesterdays seed in Stars RNG must have favored quads lol.

Don’t forget the rest of this weeks games!

Tuesday: WWdN (Name) Invitational (the Name changes, bust out the host; Wil Wheaton, and the next one is named after you).
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 20:30 ET
Password: monkey

Wednesday: The Mookie
Where: Full Tilt
Buy-in: $20+2
Time: 22:00 ET
Password: vegas1

Thursday: WWdN: Not the (Name) Invitational (the Name changes to the 2nd place finisher, ie, Not quite good enough!)
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 22:30 ET
Password: monkey

Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Couple Weeks

Not too bad a run at the blogger tourneys as of late. Took down the Wheaties last week, took second in the WWdN Not last Thursday, and now in this weeks WWdN Not the Budohorseman Invitational, just when it was looking like we were preparing for the WWdN Not the Budohorseman Invitational II, nope, I had to go and win it! Congrats to Ursus Aureus, next week is yours!

This one was really quite fun. I have just quit smoking (again), so instead of lighting up, I was instead taking a drink. Frequently. I was much more chatty than usual, was playing loser than usual, but the cards were hitting me quite well, so it all worked out. Had one big suck-out on hacker when I re-raised with Hiltons and he pushed. I had a decent stack so I called and saw he was holing Ace’s. By the turn there were three hearts on the board and the river brought a bittersweet A of hearts. Sorry hacker, that was a tough one (did I mention that one of my Q’s was a heart, no, I didn’t but I’m sure you figured it out).

Made a few loose calls to pre-flop pushes with an ATs, A9s, KQs, and most of them worked out for me. I think it was the KQ that lost me some chips and put me down for a bit, but still in the top five. Made more good calls than bad ones, made some good folds and didn’t stay in too many that I had no business being in. Scratch all that, I had too much tequila and played like a total donkey, a lucky donkey.

This weekend I’ll be donking off some cash, mostly on Stars for now. I’ve been having a good run there—and putting most of it into Neteller so I can transfer it to Full Tilt later on. Still getting the feel for Tilt, I’m pretty new to that site. May play a token tourney or two and see about getting myself into one of those 20K, 250K and 500K games they have running, we shall see!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday, Wednesday, ?Thursday?

Well, don’t forget, tonight is the Wheaties, and thanks to our old bud Frist, it may be the last one for a while, let’s hope not though!

WWdN Invitational
PokerStars $10+1
Tuesday 7:30 PM Central
Password: monkey

Goin’ for a repeat of last week, let’s see if I can’t take it down again!

Followed up by The Mookie

The Mookie
Full Tilt $10+1
Wednesday 9:30 PM Central
Password: vegas1

And finish off the week with The Not

WWdN: Not the Budohorseman Invitational
PokerStars $10+1
Tuesday 9:00 PM Central
Password: monkey

Looking to finish one spot better this week, and with a bit of luck, we will actually be able to play it, we’ll just have to see if they will allow us or not…

And of course, we must all thank Senator Bill Frist. Thanks to him watching out for all of us, most of the reputable and established online poker rooms will be barring us from playing, letting us go to the smaller, here today gone tomorrow sites, or to the underground games for those of us not near a real casino. Thanks Bill, I feel safer already!!