Monday, October 16, 2006

Farewell Chipster...Octobers Suck

I’m beginning to wonder about October’s. This past week on Thursday one of my cats, Chip, passed away. You may or may not remember that just about this time last year my dog, Moto, passed away.

Chip was fairly young for a cat, she was around 12ish. Quite often, she would be on my lap as I donked away in our blogger games, sng’s or other games online. I cant recall off the top of my head what it was she had, but it slowly caused her to get thinner and thinner, slowly wasting away. The meds we got from the vet pretty much just took the spark from her, so we took her off the meds. Keeping her on the meds would have prolonged her existence, but not her life. It would have just been prolonging her death rather than increasing her life, so we let her live out the rest of her life as she had, only with a bunch of canned food (we usually only serve dry food for the cats, with the canned stuff as a special treat now and again).

During the last week, she spent much more time on my lap while I played online. She would usually just spend some quality time with me, around 45 minutes or so and then go off and do cat things, but up till the end she would usually say with me for hours, just laying there and purring. On Thursday, she got up a bit early and hopped off my lap, and with a slight wobble, walked off and went to where she likes to sleep behind the bed, and there she passed away. After not seeing her on Friday or all day Saturday, we suspected the worst, so we opened a couple cans of cat food that would normally bring her running, but when she did not show we started our search and found her where she likes to sleep (not an easy spot to get to mind you).

So now if I could ask you all to indulge me for a moment, won’t you all join me in a chant for all those who have passed.

Great Dharani

shin-myo jang-gu dae-da-ra-ni
na-mo-ra da-na da-ra ya-ya
na-mak ar-ya ba-ro-gi-je sae-ba-ra-ya
mo-ji sa-da-ba-ya ma-ha sa-da-ba-ya
ma-ha ga-ro-ni-ga-ya

om sal-ba-ba-ye su da-ra-na
ga-ra-ya da-sa-myong
i-mam ar-ya ba-ro-gi-je
sae-ba-ra da-ba i-ra gan-ta
na-mak ha-ri-na-ya ma-bal-ta
i-sa-mi sal-bal-ta sa-da-nam
su-ban a-ye-yom sal-ba bo-da-nam
ba-ba-mar-a mi-su-da-gam da-nya-ta

om a-ro-gye a-ro-ga
ma-ji-ro-ga ji-ga-ran-je
hye-hye-ha-rye ma-ha mo-ji
sa-da-ba sa-ma-ra sa-ma-ra ha-ri-na-ya
gu-ro-gu-ro gal-ma sa-da-ya sa-da-ya
do-ro-do-ro mi-yon-je
ma-ha mi-yon-je da-ra da-ra
da-rin na-rye sae-ba-ra ja-ra-ja-ra
ma-ra-mi-ma-ra a-ma-ra
mol-che-ye hye-hye ro-gye sae-ba-ra
ra-a mi-sa-mi na-sa-ya
na-bye sa-mi sa-mi na-sa-ya

mo-ha ja-ra mi-sa-mi
na-sa-ya ho-ro-ho-ro ma-ra-ho-ro
ha-rye ba na-ma-na-ba
sa-ra sa-ra shi-ri shi-ri
so-ro so-ro mot-cha mot-cha
mo-da-ya mo-da-ya
mae-da-ri-ya ni-ra-gan-ta
ga-ma-sa nal-sa-nam

shit-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ma-ha-shit-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
shit-ta-yu-ye sae-ba-ra-ya sa-ba-ha
ni-ra-gan-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ba-ra-ha mok-ka shing-ha
mok-ka-ya sa-ba-ha

ba-na-ma ha-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
ja-ga-ra yok-ta-ya sa-ba-ha
sang-ka som-na-nye mo-da-na-ya sa-ba-ha
ma-ha-ra gu-ta da-ra-ya sa-ba-ha
ba-ma-sa gan-ta i-sa-shi che da
ga-rin-na i-na-ya sa-ba-ha

mya-ga-ra jal-ma ni-ba
sa-na-ya sa-ba-ha na-mo-ra
da-na-da-ra ya-ya na-mak ar-ya
ba-ro gi-je sae-ba-ra-ya

For a short amount of poker content, on Sunday I got into a $3 MTT on Stars. It was quite the rollercoaster ride, but of the 2,423 people in it, I went out in a miserable 20th. It was rather odd, but during my last 45 min or so in the tourney, I went up against the same big stack in six pots. Of them, I was way ahead in five of them, but nun-the-less, that bastard took the pot. Every.single.time. Lost over 250K to him in the six hands I played. Naturally I went out with pocket Aces. He bet enough to put me all in, I happily called as did the guy next to me. Me AA, the guy next to me, AK, Mr. Big Stack, QJ. Flop was J4Q, followed up with an A then a Q. I felt a rage losing to this guy six times, especially when I was ahead nearly every time and lost my entire stack to him. I damn near put my fist through the monitor. Then I realized something, I missed not having my cat with me.

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