Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last nights Blogger Skillz PLO game was just long and painful. Who knew that one can be card dead in Omaha for damn near two hours? There were very few hands that I could play, and about 90% of those wiffed on the flop, it was quite sad. Evy on the hand could not miss. If she had four cards she could see the flop, and damn if she did not hit it. every. single. time. It was quite the sight to behold. Would have been nice to take at least one person out for a bounty, but no, that was not to be. I think Waffles was just playing to get tilted last night, he was in excellent form for sure!

Note to self, Nyquil at break, not a good idea. After my glorious bust-out, I went to the couch to watch some recorded tv and promptly fell asleep. I think I woke up around 1:30 and dragged my ass to bed. I'll have to see if I have it in me to try the Mookie tonight, but I doubt it. Hell, I'm half asleep right now so I should be on the cusp of a coma by the time it starts at 9:00. I'm pretty sure I'm on the tail end of this cold, so hopefully by next week I'll be off the nyquil and able to stay awake for a full game.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gigli 2008!!!

Now that is the way to start out the new Mookie season! I got there a bit late, about four or five minutes into the game, after dealing with the critters and found myself with QQ. TheCloserX5 (did I get that right?) raised it up to 105, I think I made it 280 or so, got reraised to 850ish and saw a pretty damn raggy flop. I check, TheCloser pushed, I called, found myself facing down AA and ighn 63 of 63 and taking the title of Gigli 2008 for the Mookie! Now that I have that title out of the way, that means I can look forward to 51 final tables and 48 bubbles for the 2008 series of the Mookie. Hummmm, 2008 series of the Mookie, so lame, how about M2K8, I think that sounds better.

As for my game, well, all I can say is I rushed to get there after dealing with the critters, sat down to a decent hand, did not get into a poker frame of mind and button mashed my way out in one hand. After that I chugged 1/2 a bottle of NyQuil and was passed out before the first break. Is it just me or does everyone feel like a NyQuil zombie the following morning, even if you get 8 hours of sleep? I still feel half asleep even now, after lunch I'm doomed. Only one thing for it, lot's of Bacardi 8 and diet tonight at the bar before, during, and after the game. If I'm blitzed enough I should be able to feel immune to my cold and take down the final table at the same time. That's my plan for tonight and I'm sticking with it!