Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Couple Weeks

Not too bad a run at the blogger tourneys as of late. Took down the Wheaties last week, took second in the WWdN Not last Thursday, and now in this weeks WWdN Not the Budohorseman Invitational, just when it was looking like we were preparing for the WWdN Not the Budohorseman Invitational II, nope, I had to go and win it! Congrats to Ursus Aureus, next week is yours!

This one was really quite fun. I have just quit smoking (again), so instead of lighting up, I was instead taking a drink. Frequently. I was much more chatty than usual, was playing loser than usual, but the cards were hitting me quite well, so it all worked out. Had one big suck-out on hacker when I re-raised with Hiltons and he pushed. I had a decent stack so I called and saw he was holing Ace’s. By the turn there were three hearts on the board and the river brought a bittersweet A of hearts. Sorry hacker, that was a tough one (did I mention that one of my Q’s was a heart, no, I didn’t but I’m sure you figured it out).

Made a few loose calls to pre-flop pushes with an ATs, A9s, KQs, and most of them worked out for me. I think it was the KQ that lost me some chips and put me down for a bit, but still in the top five. Made more good calls than bad ones, made some good folds and didn’t stay in too many that I had no business being in. Scratch all that, I had too much tequila and played like a total donkey, a lucky donkey.

This weekend I’ll be donking off some cash, mostly on Stars for now. I’ve been having a good run there—and putting most of it into Neteller so I can transfer it to Full Tilt later on. Still getting the feel for Tilt, I’m pretty new to that site. May play a token tourney or two and see about getting myself into one of those 20K, 250K and 500K games they have running, we shall see!

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