Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working on my MATH

Well I managed to bubble myself out the Hoy last night, not too bad, it was my third time playing it. Started out slow, thought I would be out before the first half hour was done, but I managed to catch a few and eventually work my way up in chips. All in all, I didn’t make too many mistakes along the way, just one bad read on Surflexus when we were down to four pretty much crippled me and I was out shortly thereafter.

On a more unusual note, I hit quads no less than three times yesterday. The first time was during one of the $3 Rebuy madness games on Stars. I was slowly bleeding off chips and was down to about 2,200 (did the instant rebuy at the start) and hadn’t yet won a pot in the first 40 min of the game. Finally I was dealt KK and made a standard 3x BB bet and had one caller. Flop gave me a set and it went check check. Turn gave me quad Kings, so I figured let’s try to keep this person in so I checked again and so did he (damn it). River was a nine so I figured I’d make a nice small bet of 1/3 of the pot hoping to make it look like a cheap steal. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when he pushed all in. I did a double check just to make sure I really had quads, then made the call. He had been holding pocket nines so that nine on the river gave him a boat, nines full of Kings. He was rather disappointed to watch that pot get shipped my way. As they say DQB!!

My next two were in the Hoy. First time I was able to limp in with 44. Flop gave me a set, so I checked, got a bet, I raised, he reraised all-in and I called. If I remember correctly, it was top two with a flush draw, but a four hit on the turn and I had no worries.

The next one, I actually missed. I had 99 in late position so I made it 300 to go (50/100) and got a raise to 600 by I do not remember who and a call by Kat. Suddenly my 99 was not looking so good and I folded. Would have hit a set on the flop and quadded on the river, that time it was just not meant to be.

I do remember seeing several more instances of quads in tourneys and sng’s last night, I get the feeling that yesterdays seed in Stars RNG must have favored quads lol.

Don’t forget the rest of this weeks games!

Tuesday: WWdN (Name) Invitational (the Name changes, bust out the host; Wil Wheaton, and the next one is named after you).
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 20:30 ET
Password: monkey

Wednesday: The Mookie
Where: Full Tilt
Buy-in: $20+2
Time: 22:00 ET
Password: vegas1

Thursday: WWdN: Not the (Name) Invitational (the Name changes to the 2nd place finisher, ie, Not quite good enough!)
Where: PokerStars
Buy-in: $10+1
Time: 22:30 ET
Password: monkey

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