Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wisconsin Set Back 100 Years

That’s right, you (may have) heard it here first, Wisconsin successfully moved back 100 years thanks to 59% of our voters! The gay marriage ban was worded to entice people to vote “Yes” even though it has much larger repercussions. This is not just a ban on gay marriage in the State; it also bans all Civil Unions, both homo- and hetero, and also makes any Civil Union or gay marriage performed outside of the State to be null and void within the State. Be interesting to see how that one plays out once it reaches the Supreme Court, as I’m sure it will in the next few years.

Gotta love those Christian Conservatives for bringing that one on. And keeping with the tradition of good Christian Conservatives, they of course brought back the Death Penalty to the State for an encore. Now Murder in the First can be executed, as long as there is supporting DNA evidence. Good thing they did not define what supporting DNA evidence is, that way they can line up as many as possible.

Maybe during the 2008 election we also ban interracial marriage, bring back segregation, and get rid of that pesky Woman’s Suffrage thingy.

The opponents of the gay marriage ban really blew it in their ads. Their focus on the gay portion only served to focus people on that one portion of the legislation. To get a majority of people on board, the focus should have been on the ban of civil unions. Once that legislation goes into affect, all people in the state who have one will get to kiss it goodbye, along with all of the legal protections and rights it affords. The fallout on this should ensue soon enough I’m sure.

One thing that did surprise me was how close Ryan’s seat was. I’m in the 1st Congressional District here in WI, and this part of the state tends to have a pretty decent Republican slant. Without any ads (at least I didn’t see any), Ryan only got 56% of the vote, and for a 3rd or 4th term incumbent, that should send a loud and clear message.

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