Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well, it has been awhile since I have posted so here is the weekend review. Last Sunday at the Big Game I managed to land a 3rd place finish, not too bad for only my second one. On Wednesday I think I placed 5th in the Mookie, and about the same in the Mookie 2nd chance. Now tell me, if the woman calls and you tell her you are playing two final tables at the same time (I was at both Mookie final tables at the same time), would you be slightly more than a little pissed if she called you back about 15 seconds after you hung up with her so she could tell you about something going on at the bar?!?! Let me tell you, I was! Thanks to that incident, along with a few Captian and diet’s, I managed to finish short of the money in the Mookie 2nd Chance, as I managed to donk off more chips than necessary while trying to play both tables and carry on a fucking conversation.

In the meantime, Stars has decided it hates me as it continues to fuck me up the ass in my SnG’s. I think I have been getting no more than one 2nd place in every three games, always to some fucking donk on the river. In my last one, while heads up that lasted for fucking ever, every time I was about to bust this ass out, he’d catch on the fucking river and double up. Only justice that I would fail to catch on my river and bust out in second yet again.

In the semi good news department, I played my first non-blogger HORSE tourney and managed to go out in 42nd of 640 something. Didn’t pay much, but it seems I can hold my own in the game. Just my luck that as the blinds and antes go huge that my razz hands were all good stud hands, my stud hands were all good razz hands and all my h/l hands were just good enough to see at least the flop and would just improve enough one way or the other to get me to call, and then promptly fall apart. Oh well, we all know that the game is rigged to do just that! Who knows, maybe tomorrow Ms. Budo will get off the computer at a decent hour so I can get some quality time in on the tables, lol, I crack myself the fuck up!!

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Irongirl01 said...

Well I guess cuz I play, Im the loyal gal friend who will rail her man to the end and would never think of calling from a bar unless I had just won a lot of money.
The last guy I was dating I told him I needed peace and quiet from chat because he was carrying on like a two year old after he made a donkey move and blamed everyone else for his hee haw. It was no concern to him that I was deep and in the money of a tourney.