Wednesday, November 01, 2006

32...Not So Good

Learned a valuable lesson at the WWdN Blogger game last night. When you find yourself having trouble focusing on the screen, it takes you most of your time to decide your action, when you want bet 3.5x BB and you bang in 350 (at 25/50), when you call down bets as your holding 66 on a board A9J with a flush to boot, you then realize that it’s way past time to check your blood sugar.

To start, the drive home, which normally takes about 1:15, took over 2:30 due to an accident involving a couple of semi’s about ½ way home. When I got home, I had to do some repair to the ferret cage, it seems the pig had been sleeping in front of it and his one of his tusks seems to had hook through and he seriously messed it up trying to get himself away. So I popped in real quick and got myself signed up, late, but there. By now, my food/insulin shot times are way off.

The game got going and I managed to more than double up by mid way through the 20/40 level, but that was when (looking back) I started to have some problems due to the low blood sugar. One unfortunate thing about low blood sugars (for me anyways) is that when you get yourself involved in something, it becomes difficult to notice that you are running low. In fact, at the live games people have asked me if I am doing all right once or twice as they notice before I do.

Anyways, shortly before break and just after donking off about 2/3 of my stack, mostly in that 66 hand mentioned above, I realized all was not well and checked the Sit Out box. Broke out the kit, checked the sugar and saw that it was 32. For reference, normal is 70-110 so I was pretty damn low. By the time I got the sugar back up, the game was going again and I sat down to around 835ish in chips with 75/150 blinds and the BB about to hit me again. Checked my Q high pocket, checked the flop and pushed the turn when it had been checked earlier—there was a Q on the flop. Sadly that turn was a K, which New just happened to have and with that, IGH.

After that miserable play what’s a boy to do? That’s right, fire up Tilt and play a SnG (non-token). At least I got to pad my roll there!

Don’t forget, tonight is the Mookie and we are still looking to cross that 80 player threshold so get over there and sign up!! Sadly I will not be there as I will be playing a live game tonight at the bar simply ‘cause it’s my birthday and they have a wonderful tradition. As the b-day boy, I will start double stacked. That nice little advantage will not last long cause as soon as we are all sitting, the TD will announce that I am the b-day boy and for the first two hours of play, everyone who buys me a drink will get a 500 chip. And Wednesdays typically have 40-60 players, methinks I will be in need of a new liver tomorrow! Dial-a-shot anyone?

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Irongirl01 said...

Happy belated bday. Nice meething you and talking to you in chat last week.