Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Tale of Two Mookies

In The Mookie I last night about the only hand I could take any pots with was the Hammer. I think I saw the hammer four or five times last night and played it all but once due to a huge pre-flop raise. Short of those, I took a few more thanks to some lucky draws, but I eventually busted out after the break shortly before The Mookie II: HORSEing Around.

Don’t ask me how I did it, but I pretty much kept myself in the top five of the Mookie II for the whole damn thing, heck, even led the damn thing a couple times!! As I’m sure everyone at my table saw, I suck in all forms of limit poker, and thanks to some lucky donktastic plays, kept myself up there and actually scored me a token, whoo hoo! Pretty much as soon as we hit token status, we just played in push-monkey mode. While some may complain about such things, I did not care as by that time it was around 12:30 am Central time and I had to be up in six hours for work, heck I’m just glad I managed to stay awake during the final table!

So now I haves me two tier one tokens, so with a bit of luck I’ll score my tier two token for the Big Game this Sunday! As for tonight, we have the last of a great series, DADI X: Fight the Power, the last in series.

The Big Game
Full Tilt
$69 + $9 (Cash or token)
9:30 PM Eastern
Double Stacks
Password: donkey

DADI X: Fight the Power
Full Tilt
$24 + $2 (Cash or token)
9:00 PM Eastern
Short Handed (6-max per table)
Password: pokertrust

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mookie99 said...

Congrats on the token, thanks for playing.