Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Raise, Re-raise, Re-reraise, All-In!!

Maybe I should be paying more attention to the ME coverage of this years WSOP. Recently I have noticed that if there is a raise, a re-raise, and the occasional re-reraise, the original raiser always goes all-in. This happened to me at least eight times yesterday and I for one just don’t get it.

For example, early on in the tourney (50/100) I look down at KK and make a raise to 300. The girl on my left re-raises to 600 and it folds around to me. I re-raise her and additional 1600 (total of 2200 each) and she declares all-in. I take about 2.6 seconds and call her. She flips up 77 and my KK turns into a straight. This happened two more times before the table was broken up. It was just unreal; every single time I said re-raise the original raiser went all-in. So tell me, is this a new trend or was it a full moon or something yesterday?

One player said they thought I was trying to buy the pots because of my bet sizes. I guess they must just play a bit different than I do, but I guess I could have been paying a bit more attention. If one of them raised, it was typically a min-raise or a 3x raise pre-flop. After that, they would typically keep throwing their initial bet into the pot, unless they hit big where they may bet 4x to 5x the BB on the river. Me, I had a weak two pair with a set potential out there so I bet half the pot to see where I stood. The guy accused me of buying the pot. Sorry, that just me, 1/3 to ½ the pot to see where I stand, the rest of you just keep betting the equivalent of the pots and keep increasing those pot odds all the way down to the river.

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