Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tanner Evers Night

Well that sucked, before the Tanner Evers Charity Tourney on Full Tilt, I sat down to a single table SnG. Took down a nice pot or two, then called a min-raise from the BB with JT. Flopped a straight, made it ¾ of the pot to go (don’t remember the pot size) got raised, I re-raised, got re-re-raised, so I push. The guy shows two pair, KQ and catches a boat on the river. Oh well, one more try before I move to a cash game before the tourney starts.

Unreal, granted I was on flush draw, well, a royal flush draw actually, I was betting the hell out of it and got called down to the river by bottom pair, and by that I mean ducks!!! Still in it, but not by much, at least I get to work on my short stack play.

Well, took myself from the short stack and managed a 2nd place finish. Game took forever so I called an all in with a pretty weak hand, but the charity game was about to begin so I had to do it.

The charity tourney did not go so well, NewInNov took me out pretty early when he had a boat on my two pair (caught his A on the river, damn him for not representing pocket A’s lol). At least he took my chips to play heads-up, glad I could help sir. Check out Mookie’s blog for a recap of the game.

After that it was SnG fest where I moneyed in 50%, not too bad, at least I’m not down for the night!

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mookie99 said...

Thanks so much for playing in the tourney last night.