Tuesday, September 19, 2006

500K Marshmallow Peep Sex

Seems to be about time for an update. Saturday was kind of so-so. Had three tourneys running on Full Tilt, actually three sng’s. One of them, it turns out was Razz, it was supposed to be NLHE, but I guess the lines swapped just as I was clicking and not paying too much attention. Imagine my surprise when I saw myself with three cards!! Had that one been stud, I would have been ruling!!

As for the other two, one was a satellite for the 500K and the other was a marshmallow peep sex tourney. I finished 2nd in both. The one for the 500K really pissed me off as that one ran a good three and a half hours. Last hand I had two cards (don’t remember which) and we both were in it for a small raise. I flopped two pair and bet about ¾ the pot and go raised. I pushed, he called and hit his four outer for the gut-shot. He just had me covered as we had been pushing the lead between us for a while. Ah well, at least I cashed in both of them, but that $500 buy-in for the 500K would have been sweet!!

As for the live games, well I’ve only played three so far this month with two final tables, so at least I’ve got some points. I’ll need to make a bit of a run here at the end of the month to get in the top nine again, this time around the top nine are playing for a buy-in to a $1,500 NLHE event in the 2007 WSOP. It’s a sad thing, well not for me, but I’ve only played three times, with two final tables (only the final table gets points) and as of now, I’m only 30 point out of the top nine and 60 points from the top spot. All those other poor souls play at least 3-4 times a week.

Don’t forget the upcoming poker blogger madness! Tonight is the WWdN Invitational on Stars, password: monkey, tomorrow night is the Mookie on Full Tilt, password: vegas1 and Thursday night is DADI #9 also on Full Tilt, password: pokertrust. Be there!!

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