Thursday, August 24, 2006


Unfucking real. I am in a tourney now and in 40 hands I have not yet been dealt a pocket pair or anything better than an A5 (out of position). The two times I have actually made something, any bet, even a min bet gets folds. I am so pissed I am ready to take off the sides of the fucking PC and throw it into the middle of the fucking storm we are having. Why the fuck to I even bother with any of these fucking tourneys, I should just stick with the fucking cash games, but damnitalltohell, I just love the tourneys.


mookie99 said...

You mean donkaments...Thanks for playing last night in The Mookie, glad you could join us.

Budohorseman said...

Thanks Mookie, still hangin' on by a thread!! I only make an occasional WWdN:Not and Mookie cause they start a bit late for me. Well, not so much start as end (I at least try to make it deep), I do have to get up at around 5:45 AM Central ya know :-)