Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maybe the Mookie

Managed to bubble yet again in last nights WWdN game. I put the button (I think it was skidoo) on a steal and as it turns out, I was wrong. Oh well, that’s one more bubble I can add to the series. I’d be doing all right if most of those bubbles were cashes, I always seem to screw myself on the bubble in that game, no idea why.

Well I am off work tomorrow, not for a good or fun reason, rather for getting a root canal. Since I will not be getting up at the crack of dawn, I may just well join in on the Mookie tonight and see how I fare. Sounds like they have been falling just short of the 46 people needed to pay the entire final table, so maybe one additional unexpected player will push it over that boundary line and allow the entire final table to get a payday. We’ll just have to see how it goes, wish us luck!!


mookie99 said...

Hope you can join us tonight.

Budohorseman said...

Kind of funny, I registered for the Mookie then I opened up my