Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Memorial Tourney this Friday

Well, this Friday we have the John Crawford Memorial Tournament to play. There are a decent number of people who have pre-registered/paid for the event, so it looks like it’s going to be a good one. Since this is a $50 tourney with $25 re-buys and a $25 add-on, I set the over/under at $108.25 per person at the end of the re-buy/add-on period. MsJoanne took the under and I have the over. The prize is John’s seat in the WSOP. The entire package is: $1,500 buy-in, $500 spending cash, hotel, and airfare.

If this is like all the other tourneys that we have had, we should have a ton of people show up at the last minute to sign up for the tourney. I would be surprised if there is less than 100 people at this one, because if that is about right and my over/under is damn close, then that will be about $10,825 that will go into a trust fund of John’s kids college expenses once they hit that age.

I only know of a few people who will not be there. The reason for them not being there just makes me sick. One of them has a daughter ‘graduating’ from pre-kindergarten. That’s right, you heard it, graduating from pre-kindergarten. Come on, wtf?!?! I had graduation from high school and from college. What’s up with people nowadays? Graduation from pre-k, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, what have we come to? Hell, I think we should celebrate the fact that I got home today without killing that fucktard that made a right hand turn from the left turn only lane across 3 lanes of traffic so they could be two cars ahead. I should probably be more understanding, after all, that fucktard was probably rushing home to celebrate his kids graduation from 1st grade and had to give him his graduation present: Grand Theft Auto III, Hot Coffee Unlocked!

Update: It was a successful tourney and it looks like just under $12,000 was raised for his kids and put into a trust fund for them. Just hope we can do this again next year!

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