Monday, June 19, 2006

Eventful Weekend

Well this past weekend started with the charity tourney on Friday night. We ended up with 148 people there and brought in $11,980 after the prizes were paid out. Unfortunately for me, my cards at that game seemed to set the tone for the rest of the weekend. You know the type, mostly garbage cards and when you get something marginal you find yourself going to river no matter the bet, and usually find yourself behind once you get there. And then on those three hands you actually do did, you get absolutely no action. Oh well, I busted out of that one just before the second break started.

Saturday, my brother, nephew and I took dad out to the ball game. Saw the Brewers take on Cleveland, and they actually won it in the ninth. I must admit, I do not do baseball. I needed to confirm that it was the game where people swing a stick and try to hit a ball thrown in front of them. In all, it wasn’t too bad. The new Miller Stadium is very nice. Our seats were pretty much behind home plate and slightly to the left in row 13. It was nice to see everything nice and close and as an added bonus, there was easy access to the bars serving Leinies.

Sunday was the big blogger tourney on PokerStars. I think there were 2,247 people in this one, I ended up busting out 170th. Cards were just plain garbage the whole time, I’m actually surprised I lasted as long as I did. Only got pocket pairs about 8 times and the best of those were Jacks. Oh well, there’s always next year!!

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Xorply said...

Congrats on your 170th place showing, my man. That's a very respectable finish, especially considering the cards you were getting. Makes my bustout look pretty bad considering the beautiful cards I was getting!