Thursday, June 22, 2006

Calling Station

Haven’t been playing much poker over the past few weeks, no reason in particular just seems to have happened. Anyways, I think I’ll be heading out to the bar tonight to sit in on the regular Thursday game. The play at this bar is pretty much suck-out city, plenty of people who will play just about any two down to the river on the off chance that their 82o may well fill to a straight, or maybe they will catch trips, or two pair, or heck, high card 8. The sad thing is just how fracking often this happens. Must be the numbers thing, so many people doing it that someone is always getting their junk paid off.

There is one girl there that I just love to play with though, a wonderful remarkable calling station. Any pair or any Ace she will take to the river. One time she called me all the way down to the river, and I was betting it up the whole way. I had KQs, the board ended up something like KQTQA, so I was sitting on a boat, Q full of K and she was calling my bets all the way down, I think she put in about ½ to 2/3 of her stack into the pot. I was wondering if she maybe had KK, AA, or AQ, but no she did not. She turned over ducks!! That’s right, with that board she called pocket 2’s down to the river and put in a huge chunk of her stack. About the only time I ever see her fold is when someone goes all-in.

She is just so good to the few of us who have recognized this pattern in her. Ace high, call to the river, happily donking off ½ her stack. The nice thing is that know if you get the river and have nothing, you will be looking at an Ace high or better. I tested this theory once. The board had a potential straight on it and I was pretty damn sure she didn’t have it, so I made a big bet on the river (I had missed that straight but bet to represent) of about 2x the pot, which was a good chunk of her chips. She of course called and showed the tourist. She played her A high and hit a 7 on the turn so she just kept donking off her chips and that’s when I knew she would be a good future donor for the rest of time.

One of these days I hope she joins us in one of the cash side games after she busts out of the tourney. That would be just so damn sweet!!

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