Monday, June 26, 2006

Make's ya and Break's ya

Well I don’t know about you, but I for one went out in a blaze last night. During Level 3 not too far from break, a new kid sat down at our table. I for one had never played against him before and I think only of our regulars had played with him once many moons ago. Well just before break the blinds were 50/100 and there was a mid-position raise to 300 or 400 and it folded around to the new kid, who pushed (he was short stacked, about 1500 in chips). The blinds folded and the original raiser called. He flipped over AdKd and the new kid flips 74o. Nothing hits but a 7 and the kid doubles up. He just wanted to double up before break or bust out early.

About three hands after break I’m in late position with several limpers I look down at As3s and for some reason made the call. The kid then made a min raise and everyone called, me included, the pot ended up with about 2,400 in it I think (I don’t recall if the SB joined us or not). Anyhooo, the flop came up KsTsX and the kid made a bet of 600 that I called. The river gave us a Jx and the kid made it 1200 to go. I took some time to think about this one (the three rum and diet’s no ice made counting the chips and doing the math a bit more problematic than usual), but I was getting 4:1 on my money so I made the call. The River was a Js so I made my nut flush, checked it to him and he put in his last 800 so I called and flipped my nut flush. Then this kid who had been playing marginal hands (as I found from other’s who had been playing him during the break) showed his pocket kings. Kings full of Jacks—wouldn’t you know he would get the one spade that would get me to call and make his hand at the same time.

Next hand I get AcQc and push my last 900, get the laughing calls of ‘he’s on tilt’ and then find myself looking at a reraise by Ed who keeps everyone else out and he flips pocket rockets. And AxQxTx and I am one card shy of drawing dead. A K or J fail to show up on the turn and I go join my fellow railbirds at the bar with a nice new rum and diet, no ice. I really do hate this game, can’t wait to see how I do tonight!!

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Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Thanks for stopping by Chris. I recognize your handle...we have played together recently, right?

Are you hitting WWdN tonight? Hope to see ya there.