Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Free Guinness anyone?

Well busted out rather late in the tourney last night, but I stuck around for a bit to chat it up and watch the final table. Pretty much no sooner than that final table started Don walked up to me and asked if I wanted to get into a cash game, as they needed just two more people. I told him I was pretty tired and only had $10 on me, but he said that $10 is good. Eventually I finally agreed and sat down with him, Jen, Pat and one of the bartenders (the other one needed to wait for the final table to finish up so she could close the tabs).

Since I was tired, I did a pretty good job of donking off my chips. I actually started off pretty good cause my first hand was JJ and as we all know, JJok. Made a nice little profit on that hand and the proceeded to give it all away, and then some. I think Pat was the first to bust out and then the TD of the tourney, Wayne, decided to join us. I was down to my last 4 and some change when I woke up with something and made a nice little raise and everyone called. The flop came and I made a nice little bet that kept all but Jen. The turn improved me and I pushed and that got rid of the bartended (I think it was Melissa). The river neither helped nor hurt me and I pretty much quadrupled up on that hand.

Jen busted out soon after and that opened up a spot for the other bartender Nancy. Nothing really stands out for me about that little side game other than both of our lovely bartenders both did a re-buy or two (that caught the attention of Corey who decided to a buy-in and join us) and when you are playing with them, the Guinness flows freely. All I can say is the Guinness is good, and free Guinness is just hawsome!

I think by about 1 am or so, I was exhausted, we lost a couple players and finally we broke it up. It was nice to cash out for four buy-ins made all the better by free Guinness from the tap!

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jjok said...

JJ is the new AA