Friday, June 23, 2006

The Thursday Tourney

Last night was fun, even if I didn’t make it all that deep into the tourney. I think Adam must have been on quite the lucky roll, he just could not miss a straight. 24o, sure, why not? 95s, he could fill it in. 68o, you got it, straight filled in. It was unreal, he could only lose with overs.

When Big T made it to the table with a short stack he announced that he wanted to go home and went all-in blind the first three hands he was dealt. Since he kept doubling up he had to start making smaller bets so people would call him. He doubled up twice more before he finally got his wish and the cards quit hitting him every.single.hand.he.played.

I did mange to build myself quite a stack at that table, seems no one wanted to call pot-sized bets on the river. And when they would min-raise my bets, I would triple their stupid min-raise and got them to fold. I would only lose if I went to showdown because the cards just seem to hate me in the later portion of the month. Haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

I think I just might get myself on Full Tilt this weekend and try out one of those marshmallow peep sex tourneys I keep reading about. Hope to see you there!


Xorply said...

marshmallow peep sex tourneys?

Budohorseman said...

I do not recall who's blog it was, but someone looked at what searches brought them to their blog (it was one of our female bloggers) and someone had done a search for marshmallow peep sex. Since her last post was for one of the token tourneys on Full Tilt they have since been called marshmallow peep sex tourneys.