Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A recent study, probably the most important one in the history of space and time, has finally revealed what we online poker donkeys have always known, bacon improves heart health, cures cancer, prevents ED, makes you sexy and irresistible to the opposite (or same, if that’s what works for you) sex, doubles the mileage of your vehicle while reducing emissions, makes your portfolio double in value every eighteen months, and can also reverse the effects of global warming on the environment. Maybe I exaggerated just a bit there…..

From the article in Science Daily:

In contrast to nitrite, nitrate in the diet comes mainly from cured meats such as bacon, sausage and luncheon meats. Consuming nitrate augments our nitrite supply: Once absorbed in the bloodstream, nitrate circulates to the salivary glands where bacteria convert it to nitrite, which is then swallowed in our saliva. About 10 percent of dietary nitrate is converted to nitrite in this way.

As with the mice and nitrite, the Einstein researchers spiked drinking water with nitrate and then induced heart attacks. A protective effect was found yet again: Compared with the control animals, the nitrate-supplemented mice had greater stores of nitrite in their heart muscle along with significantly less heart-muscle damage, although the reduction was not as impressive as in the nitrite-fed mice.

"This new appreciation of the health benefits of nitrite and nitrate is ironic," says Dr. Lefer, "They've traditionally been regarded as toxic because they tend to form chemicals called nitrosamines, some of which are carcinogenic. But recent research has found no convincing evidence that nitrite and nitrate pose a cancer risk."

So there you have it folks, scientific proof that bacon is indeed the food of the gods.

Nothing exciting on the poker front, live game has been pretty much break-even for the past couple months (if you don’t include the bar tab that is) and online has been pretty much up and down (finally won a Monkey Tourney Main Event) but I have not really been playing that much online (and mostly the blogger games at that) so it’s to be expected. I broke down and opened an account on Bodonkey, but alas I had it set up too late to make it to last nights Bodonkey Blogger Tourney. Oh well, that’s why they invented next week!


vandy said...

Congrats on the win! I didn't stick around to see how the 3 of you finished it off. Considering where you were most of the tourney, impressive win.

surflexus said...

Nice job in the Mookie!!!