Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, week one of the new assignment has gone well so all is good. This job should go at least six months, with a possibility of contract-to-hire, so let’s just hope for the best. One of the best things about this gig, it’s the commute. It’s about ten miles closer, but the drive time has been cut in half. It’s pretty much full highway speeds the whole trip, and as a result I’m getting about 2 MPG more!

Speaking of MPG, Wisconsin’s minimum mark-up law has been ruled unconstitutional. The law was put on the books to help those small mom and pop gas and grab type businesses stay afloat as the big companies moved in (not that I’ve ever seen of them mind you). As it turns out, one of these small stations took one of the big guys to court for selling their gas too cheap (the law states that gas must be marked-up at least 6% of the states cost or 9% of local wholesale, whichever is greater). By the time all was said and done, the judge found that the law violated part of the state constitution and therefore could not be enforced. You know that place can’t be pleased, they finally get to take someone to court over it only to have the judge smack down the law, the irony of it all.

As for poker, well, after months of playing on-line once a week at best I finally sat down to two blogger games this week, The Monkey (where I bubbled in third) and The Mookie (19th of 62 if memory serves). All in all, I consider the results not bad, if only due to the lack of playing that I’ve had over the past three or four months. I doubt that I’ve played more than 25 games on-line since mid-July, so now I’ve got to get my game back (not that I had one before). Of course with BBTwo on the horizon, it seems my timing is looking pretty good.

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