Monday, June 05, 2006

The name is DuMass...

Last night, I started at an interesting table. For some strange reason, one guy decided he would spend the first level just trying to buy all the blinds. That translates to betting 200-400 on every hand at the 10/20 blinds. Of course all that meant was that after an orbit or two people would call then raise him on the flop and he would end up losing. He did get one person out and got a caller to fold when he raised her (she should have re-raised him from the start) and got himself a nice stack to keep up his hyper-aggro (stupid) play. Eventually he got all in with her before the blinds went up…it went something like this…

Him: Raise, 300.
Her: Re-raise 600.
Him Call.
Flop: K Q A
Him: 600
Her: Call
Turn: Q
Him 1200
Her: Call
River: Brick
Him: All-in
Her: Call
     Him: Q full of A
     Her: K full of Q
Him: Cool—starts to scoop the pot.
Table: No, she won it.
Him: But I have the Ace’s.
Table: Her three Kings beat your Three Queens.
Him: But I have the Ace’s.
Table: The pair only counts if the trips are the same.
Him: But I have the Ace’s.
Table: Sorry man.

Two hands later he went all in with his 97o UTG and lost his last 340.

About two weeks ago I saw a hand that I will probably never see again. Two people in, Flop is 2c3c5c and betting goes on. Turn is a brick and they check. River is 4c and they bet, raise, re-raise re-re-raise and call. She showed an Ac5h and he had a 6c8c. We were all shocked to see two straight flushes in the same hand. It was funny when he started pushing the chips to her before we stopped time to let him know that his 6 beat her A. He called himself an idiot for not realizing that and just habitually pushing to the A ‘high’ flush. The TD bought the table a round to celebrate this most rare occurrence.

As for me, I’ve had a pretty decent run online. In my past six sng’s I’ve bubbled 3 times and finished 1st three times so all in all not too bad. Now if I can just keep that going along with ring game winnings my bankroll should be pretty healthy by the end of the month.

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Xorply said...

That is a pretty rare occurence for str8 flush beating str8 flush but I've seen one that might be even more rare. Seven people in the hand and it gets check right down to the river as no one hits and do you know what the community cards were? A Straight Flush!! Seven people split the high hand pot. Haha!