Wednesday, May 31, 2006


<rant> Don’t you just love nimrods? There is something about people who just don’t seem to grasp basic poker strategy that makes you feel like you’re going to have a stroke. It seems to be happing more lately in my local tourney circuit. Sometime after break around level 4-6, the field starts to thin. Pre-flop there are let’s say 4 people in and then the flop is laid on the board. Short stack decides it’s time to push and the other three call. Then on either the turn or river some nimrod will make a very sizeable bet and drive the other two out of the pot. At least 50% of the time the all-in will now quadruple up and of those, at least 50% of the time one of the folders would have taken him out.

What is so hard to grasp about the concept of everyone checking down to increase the chances of getting one more person out of the tourney and moving everyone one-step closer to the final table? I can see hitting and then making a min-bet to start building a small side pot that may be called to the river for the sake of building a few more chips, but these morons will make huge bets (about the size of the pot or more) and just drive people out cause they finally hit something.

My best guess is that these are the people who have hear the word ‘isolation bet’ and are now applying the word without understanding the concept. I expect these people are the same ones who then the blinds are 10/20 and then someone raises 100 figures they are getting 130:1 pot odds on their money. I wish these people would learn the concept of the big words they know before applying them incorrectly. Well, maybe not that last one, I like it when they don’t know how to calculate their odds correctly or apply them.</rant>

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