Friday, March 10, 2006

There's Always Tomorrow

The past three nights it seems like I just get so damn close, yet still so far away. I’ve found myself on the last two tables every night, but just keep falling shy of that final table. Last night was the worst, I went out in tenth, the bubble boy.

The blinds were T5000/10000 and the BB was mine next hand. I look down at AsKs so I pushed with 19000. The SB called with 9000 all-in, everyone else was a fold. He flipped A2o. Flop comes A95r, turn is 3 and river was a 4. Couldn’t believe it, he caught a small straight on the river.

Next hand I was all-in in the BB. Everyone folded to the SB who called a flipped a 56o. I get up, put on my jacket and look at my cards for the first time, AJo. Flop and turn are bricks and the river was a six. Out I go in tenth place and hear the cry “Final Table!”

The night before I went out in twelfth and before that out in thirteenth. I always got my money in with good cards, KQ, KJ, QJ, AQ etc. but none of them ever held up. Kept losing to pocket 2’s, 3’s, 8’s, or some low connectors that would make bottom pair.

I really need to make a few more tables this month and get my points up. That’s why it sucks so much to be getting so close to the point but just coming up a bit short. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…

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