Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well so far this has been a pretty decent week. On-line I’ve taken a third and a second in my SnG’s, bubbled out in one and lost two (the two were wasting time in a $1+.10 SNG’s). I also did a $2+.20 tourney but didn’t do all that well, I didn’t time it right and had to get rolling for the live game at 7:00.

In the tourneys, so far I have had two final tables; a third and a fifth finish. Not the greatest, but I’m already beating that horrendous month of February. For the times I didn’t make the final table, in the side games I cashed 3 out of 4 so let’s just hope this streak continues through the end of April.

Well, just this past Sunday I had a first, my first straight flush!! It all started with JsTs in mid-position so I lead out with T300 (blinds were 50/100) and got three callers. Flop came KsQsX. There were two checks to me so I continued on with my T300 and all three called again.

Turn was a 9s. I was pretty much in shock, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I had just turned a straight flush! While instinct said go all-in, the more rational side said take you time and get some chips so I went back to T300 hoping that someone had something to make it worth their while to stay in.

The guy to my left said ‘you’ve got the flush, don’t you’ as he disgustedly threw his chips in. Then next person folded and the girl to my right called.

The river is a K. Once I saw that K, I was hoping that someone had a boat, since they had all put me on the flush. Checked to me so I made it 600 to go. The guy to my left just said, “I know you have it” and once again threw in his chips. The girl pretty much followed suit.

‘Trip K’s said the guy to my left as he showed his card. The girl to my right had two pair, QX—I’m still not sure why she stuck around but I’m glad she did.

Finally I went ‘Well, I have two hands, both the straight and the flush…’. I flipped my JsTs over and watched them just go bug-eyed at it.

The guy just said ‘Sweet’ and then bought me a drink.

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