Thursday, November 17, 2005

Not again!!

Been playin’ against some person who’s been pushing hard and often, but we’ve seen plenty of good cards from him. In fact, when I went all in against him with my 88 (my first pocket pair in over 128 hands), he showed us his third AA. Un-FUCKING real. Lucky me hits a set on the flop and doubles up! Nice breather for a change, there are some huge stacks at this table and the cards have not been hitting me for weeks.

My button cards have totally sucked as of late (as the rest of mine have). Plenty of 52o, 83o, J3o. And while I have see only one pocket pair in the last 128 hands, crap like the K3, Q4, and J2 will hit me about 1:10.

Let’s see, BB I had Q2, SB I have J2, now on the button…Q2s (with 4 BB to me—fold thank you, missed the flop, LP on the turn with a flush draw on board). I am 12 of 1 with 7 money.

Whoo hoo Jqo at a new table with a 6 BB bet to me from a frickin HUGE stack I have yet to see so I will get out of the way. Fold my 73o. 9To at CO-3 with 4 BB to me…fold. Now K4o to me at MP.  Q2o UTG (Q on the flop, perhaps I should have stuck around).
J4o BB Whoo hoo, doubled up on that one! Q5 SB, fold (woulda hit my 5). Now the HAMMER. Had to fold with 4 BB to me (we are now 100/200). Just got a 93o in CO.

Thanks to that last double, I’m now 8 of 13. Just got a Dolly Parton o at CO-2.JQo and they fucked me with a flipping straight draw. 22 in SB had to raise as the table is short. FUCK my set of 2’s just got busted by a set of 4’s!! Now down to 735 and all in with an A2. Up against KK, and oh my God, caught a set of 2’s!!

Just doubled again, now 8 of 11 and still in it!!
Seat 3: BillyNU480 (4640 in chips)
Seat 4: fhoots (6171 in chips)
Seat 6: Budohorseman (1906 in chips)
Seat 7: duggras (5204 in chips)
Seat 8: dragomiloff (10747 in chips)
Seat 9: LeftyAces (5664 in chips)
BillyNU480: posts small blind 100
fhoots: posts big blind 200
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Budohorseman [Js Ad]
Budohorseman: raises 200 to 400
duggras: folds
dragomiloff: calls 400
LeftyAces: calls 400
BillyNU480: folds
fhoots: calls 200
*** FLOP *** [4h Jd Qh]
fhoots: bets 200
Budohorseman: raises 400 to 600
dragomiloff: folds
LeftyAces: folds
fhoots: calls 400
*** TURN *** [4h Jd Qh] [Jh]
fhoots: checks
Budohorseman: bets 500
fhoots: calls 500
*** RIVER *** [4h Jd Qh Jh] [Qd]
fhoots: checks
Budohorseman: bets 406 and is all-in
duggras is sitting out
fhoots: calls 406
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Budohorseman: shows [Js Ad] (a full house, Jacks full of Queens)
fhoots: shows [Ks Th] (two pair, Queens and Jacks)
Budohorseman collected 4712 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4712 | Rake 0
Board [4h Jd Qh Jh Qd]
Seat 3: BillyNU480 (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: fhoots (big blind) showed [Ks Th] and lost with two pair, Queens and Jacks
Seat 6: Budohorseman showed [Js Ad] and won (4712) with a full house, Jacks full of Queens
Seat 7: duggras folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: dragomiloff folded on the Flop
Seat 9: LeftyAces (button) folded on the Flop

A5o button—fold (to the 6BB’s to me). 78o UTG with 3BB to me. QTs on the button. Fuck, that hurt!!

Now 3K in CO fold cause I’m crippled and it’s 2 seats to money…
But I would have had the flush, FUCK!!

Ato and shit on the flop, I hate wasting chips. 45o gotta remember I’m short stack and everyone will call me or raise me. J4o. Q7o UTG+1 and fold…and someone left the table…bubble time. 6To UTG—fold. J4o in the BB got it!! 64s in the SB and lost it. 23o on the button…fucking typical. Did I mention that I am now 8 of 8?

25o in the CO. Wouldda had a pair of 6’s and 4’s with the potential to be dominated by  J’s x’s and a flush…96o and fold. Christ, if I bet now everyone will fold to me…QQ!! Time to bubble out!! Up vs Jas, fuck flushed on the river. Rest of table gets money thanks to me (

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