Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Government & Gambling

So what is it about our government and on-line gambling, or just gambling in general for that matter? Is it those old ties to mob? The stance against it is out dated and out of touch with what the people want.

For a majority of offshore gambling site (cards/slots/booking) most will claim about 50% of their business is from the US. We are also talking about 10’s to 100’s of millions of dollars as well. Perhaps today’s crooks politicians are upset because they are not getting a part of it?

They will say they are doing it to protect us from ourselves. After all, once you start, the typical American will be unable to prevent themselves from gambling away their rent/mortgage, car payments, retirement funds, or even, gasp, their taxes!!

So let’s see here, we have ten’s to hundreds of thousands of people in this county playing cards on-line every week, millions of visits to Vegas, Atlanta, etc every year and of course the government would love to go after those of us who play ‘illegally’ on-line. How’s that for representing the people!

It would be very sad if the only place left to legally gamble on-line in this country were the stock market. It too requires that mix of skill and luck that you find sitting at a poker table. There are swings up and down for both. Those that rely completely on luck typically find themselves running short on cash quickly and regularly. Those that have skill can consistently come away from the table with a healthy amount of cash. Those who have both know how to take advantage of when they are lucky and leverage their skill the rest of the time and walk away with huge stacks.

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