Thursday, November 10, 2005

Boycotting Aruba?!?!

OK people; let’s get over ourselves. The mother of missing teen Natalee Holloway and the mayor of Alabama are trying to get a travel boycott against Aruba because “feels Aruba isn't doing all it can to solve the case.”

Yes, it is tragic that the girl is missing and we can all feel for her family and friends. But now the mayor of Alabama and her mother want to stop travel to this country. All I can say to that is, “What the Fuck?” In fact, we should boycott all travel to Alabama because I’m sure there is at least one person missing, at least one unsolved murder, at least one unsolved rape, at least one unsolved…in that state and they are obviously not doing all they can to solve those cases.

Oh wait, that’s right, she’s an American. Hell, she’s probably a “good Christian girl” as well. Better shut down the entire fucking country and find the American girl! So what if some local is also missing, killed, etc—they are not American so they are not important.

We have clearly become a nation on its downslide. I’ve heard it asked if the people of the Roman Empire knew it when their empire was failing. Sadly, it seems as if we can answer that question today. Those in top layer of politics, business, and the very wealthy just see unending glory. As you start moving your way down, I think more and more people can see clearly that the country is slowly failing.

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Anonymous said...

oh please. during the 1950s and 1960s no right thinking yankee liberal went anywhere near the deep south other than to march for civil rights. if we were truly the land of liberty and justice as we say, the civil rights movement should not have been necessary.

BACK TO ARUBA...the govt doesn't want to solve this crime or are too enept to do so.

Depak admitted to gang rape so why are not these slimey scum sucking punks in jail for rape?