Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Laying Down a Good Hand

I had a moment of revelation today. Been reading up on poker and have read about a bajillion blogs and message board posts on the topic of folding a good hand. Not really that I did not understand the concept, I have done it myself dozens of times already. I had just been misunderstanding what they were saying. I had been reading “good hand” as “winning hand.”

By that they mean being able to lay down AdAc with a board that shows JhTh9h 8h Ks and everyone else is betting 30BB. Granted this is painfully obvious, but it also refers to laying down a low straight or flush, weak sets etc.

That little bit of clarity has made many of the posts that I have read make much more sense than before. Of course now I have a bunch I need to reread now….

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