Friday, October 21, 2005

Back in the game

Well after about of week of sng’s without a single finish in the money, I finally had one last night…yeah for me!! My first one of the evening I went out in 10th, three short of the money and my departure put everyone else into the final table…so sad.

After a short break I sat back down and got into another sng. It was going pretty well, managed to get my stack up a bit and then just hold it there for what seemed like forever. As time went on, I eventually found myself at the final table again, and it was about frickin’ time!

As I gaze around the table, I find myself in 4th seat, and about ½ the chips are being held by three of the nine players. And so it begins, after a bit, one is down and we are now on the bubble. A few hands later and the next one is gone, yeah I’m in 7th and in the money! Of course 2nd stack is immediately to my right and is very aggressive. I try to get my chips in where they count, and eventually I manage to double up. Not too much later, one more down, and that big stack to my right is not so big anymore.

As play continues, I keep watching people drop off. I’m in 6th, now 5th, now 4th, hey, things are going my way!! Then I have an ‘Oh Shit’ moment when I realize that I have taken few of those chips and now all the other stacks are getting huge. Now I’m in 3rd and within two hands, I find myself going heads up! I’m all psyched up, but my opponent has about a 5:1 chip advantage on me so I have some work to do.

Based on the blinds, antes, and my stack, I’ve got about 4-5 hands I can play assuming I fold them all, but that’s not what we are here for. The first hand was unimpressive, a weak pair (55 or 77 don’t remember which). So I did a 2BB raise and he folded. Hand two was interesting.


I pushed in ½ my stack and got a call…


Top two pair plus a heart flush draw so I went all in and got a call…

Turns over 7h8h…crap!

Tc…now if I can just avoid a 9 or a heart…

And the river is….


Oh well, what can you do. Since I bet ½ my stack pre-flop, I probably just should have went all-in and maybe gotten a fold, but I wanted something he would play so I could get me some chips before the blinds went up again. Who knows, maybe I’ll cash in tonight!!

What: WWdN: Decker711 Invitational
Friday, October 21st. 7:00 PM EST
Tournament number:

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