Friday, October 28, 2005

BetFair, Cryptologic, and PartyPoker

I have been wondering of late how the changes at PartyPoker influenced (if it did at all) the decision by Betfair to stay with Cryptologic. First of all, PartyPoker cutting loose all of their skins suddenly made the online poker world a much bigger place. Some of these skins will of course disappear, but I’m sure a few of them will hold on and gain a bit of market share as they build up a more loyal customer base. With so many new independents (even if it was against their will), it would defiantly be a much more scary place for Betfair to wonder into at this time.

At the same time PartyPoker also introduced more table games. One of Cryptologic’s biggest advantages was that it offered a lot more than just poker (poker counts about 30% of Cryptologics revenues). So now that the largest online poker gaming room is now offering more than just poker, Cryptologic has a bit more to worry about.

This can also be an opportunity. For those skins that just can’t cut it on their own without PartyPokers massive base, some of them may just move over to Cryptologic so they can once again take advantage of massive community of players. Obviously it is still a bit too soon to see how things will play out, but I for one hope that Cryptologic will come out the better for it, after all, I hold shares in the company after all.

Cryptologic is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol CRYP.
Cryptologic is traded on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) under the symbol CRY.
Cryptologic is traded on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) under the symbol CRP.

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