Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On PokerStars 50/50 Low-Limit Perspective…

It seems that it’s been 18 years or so since I have posted here. If anyone still reads this, particularly poker people, here is a low-limit perspective of PokerStars 50/50 games.

Most of the poker players I have played with are well above what I can do. My very first game was a WWdN game that was a charity event, but led to the WWdN series on Stars.

Eventually that game died off and The Mookie evolved on FullTilt. It is now The Mookie/Dank, and will eventually become The Dank. Many thanks to BuddyDank, Joannda, and everyone else who has put forth their effort to keep this game going.

Anyhow, where was I, oh yes, low limit Stars 50/50 games. I doubt I spend more than 10 hours a month playing poker. I am a recreational player, but not one who does not study or pay attention.

Rather recently, I started playing some of the PokerStars 50/50 games, and all I can say, is that if you have a bit of knowledge of position, cards relative to position, and a fair conception of the math, you can do well.

More often than not, I am in the top two of these games. If you have a decent understanding of the game, do not want to spend hours and hours (hopefully) in a tourney or ring game, but want some experience, this may be a decent place to start.

I think I like this format better than the previous Double or Nothing. In the old format, as soon as 1/2 were gone you doubled up. Now, once 1/2 are gone, you recover your buy-in, and the rest is based on your stack. For me, that has always worked out to my benefit.

Who knows, maybe one day I may actually be a name of note at the Mookie/Dank!!

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OhCaptain said...

Nice to see you post! I'll have to check these out, I've been playing LHE only on Stars lately. This might be a nice change.