Monday, March 30, 2009

Soon To Be Underwater….

Well the late season snowfall over the weekend has mostly melted away, allowing the dogs to track in a ton of mud all over the house, yeah! And now it looks as if we are getting rain for the next four days, so with a small bit of luck, we will not all be floating away.

Lot of anniversaries at AA last night. One of the new guys, Jim, had thirty days, so good for him. I think I’ll pick up a mala from Zen this evening and give it to him. I think if he uses it with a little mantra, whenever that urge comes on he’ll have something to grab hold of to help focus the mind. I know it has helped me and it sure can’t help to make the offer after all.

It’s about time for me to get my ass in my car and head on up to the Zen Center. Also time to see how this new Windows Live Writer thing works with blogger. I guess I’ll just have to push the Publish button and find out!

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