Monday, March 16, 2009

Dharma Talk

Well tonight Amanda gave her first Dharma talk in quite some time (damn close to a year). It was both excellent and hilarious at the same time. I can only hope to do 1/2 as well when I get up there.

Anyways, I met her at the Zen center about an hour and a half before she had to give her talk. We made mala's and chit-chatted for some time, listed to music on the iPod. She told me she was very nervous and wanted to throw-up. I told her just to get up there and talk about what she had in mind and not to give a rat's ass about it, as it was a bit late to do much about it now.

She really did an amazing job. There is a slight possibility that my 'don't give a rat's ass' speech may have taken just a bit of the edge off of it. Oh who am I kidding, she knew she was good to go and delivered a stand-up Dharma talk!

I guess that means that come Wednesday I'll need to throw my name up in a square and do one myself sometime soon. Maybe if I do it on April 13th, just two days before taxes are due the place will be near empty...yeah, right!

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