Monday, March 10, 2008

My oh My

My oh my, it has been a crazy couple of weeks hasn’t it? The BBT3 fields have been unbelievable so far, and we have not even had a $10 NLHE game yet! I think I’m almost afraid to play the Mookie tonight with the size it will probably end up being, that and the miserable cold that has me in bed by 10 PM. Speaking of Mookie, congrats to you and Ms. Mookie on the birth of your 108th daughter. Think about it sir, in just a few years time you and your girls will be ½ the field in every blogger event!

On the flip side, sympathies go out to PokerEnthusiast on the loss of his father. It’s never a good thing to lose someone you are close to.

Also sadly, yesterday gamers the world over are shedding a tear for the loss of Gary Gygax, co-developer of D&D. Like so many others, I spent a good portion of my teenage years in the basement with some friends on a dungeon crawl. Thank you sir for the gift you gave to many a gamer geek.

Politics, well I for one am less than pleased with the results of the Democratic elections, especially Ohio. Personally, I think that if Ohio had been much closer, Clinton would have to had given serious consideration into dropping when you take her narrow win in Texas (assuming she takes the caucus there as well). With some luck, Obama will take some big wins in the near future and make it pretty much a done deal.

And now for my own little political commentary, Clinton has been going on and on about how she is ready for the big military decisions that will need to be made and how over 30 former and current Generals and Admirals back her for Commander-in-Chief. Now here is a question for you all, if you were one of those Generals/Admirals, who would you pick, someone who may well question your recommendations and methods and actually think before giving the orders, or someone who you feel you can most easily influence to do what you want and is afraid to “look weak” if a decision is not made at a moments notice. If I were the Brass, I would only recommend someone who I felt could get the job done, i.e. do what I say, when I say then get out of my way so I can go blow things up. (much like the current situation). If you ask me, the last thing we need now is another puppet for the military/DHS to take advantage of.

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