Monday, September 25, 2006

Pokery Goodness

Getting that excited/nervous feeling for Friday night. In just a few short days I’ll be up on the stage playing in the ‘Best of the Best’ tourney while about 200 others are playing in the Second Chance tourney for their shot at the big game in October. Rumor has it that we are playing for a buy-in to one of the Heartland Poker Tour games. I’m pretty sure they are out of MN, they offer satellites around the area in many of the Reservation casinos in the area. A number of their big games pay a couple 100K, so I like my odds there.

And it looks like the card club is making some changes for this year. It looks like the top nine this time will be playing for buy-in to a $1500 NLHE in the 2007 WSOP, as will the winner of the, now annual even. This time it will be for a 10-month period to match up with the WSOP schedule and then it will be an annual event. Me likey!

Last year, I missed the first 2/3 of the season, mostly because I had never heard of them before. I only had two months to play and get some points, but I made it with plenty to spare. For this six-month period, I have been in the top 9 since the start, and I actually took an entire month off, that is one month with zero points and I’m still sitting at 7th place! If I had kept my average that month, I’d be an easy 3rd place.

Well the clock has reset and we are now working on the 10-month totals, and this is month number one. So far I have only played a whopping huge three times and it looks like I am in the top 10, and with still better than a week to go in the month I should have little trouble getting into the top nine.

Oh, and one more sweet little change, on Monday’s they will be having Omaha Hi playing on a rotating schedule between two of the locations. You can be sure I will be at them, nice to get a break from NLHE every once in awhile and I could use some work on my Omaha game, as I have never played this one live before.

On the Hold ‘em front, I have been working on closing one hole in my live game, and so far it looks like I have been doing it well. Before, I was not getting paid off all that well with many of my good hands. Since I have started working on that aspect of my game, I’ve been raking in bigger pots than I had before by keeping people around longer, giving them good odds to call, even when they know they are beat, or even raising into me because they think I am weak and making a value bet. Thanks Hoy, I can credit you for helping me with that one!!

Don’t forget the upcoming games:

Tuesday night, WWdN Invitational on Stars, 7:30 PM Central Time, $10+1, password: monkey.
Wednesday night, The Mookie on Full Tilt, 9:00 PM Central Time, $10+1, password: vegas1.
Thursday night, WWdN Not the Invitational on Stars, 9:00 PC Central Time, $10+1, password: monkey.

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