Friday, August 04, 2006

Sit In the Chair

Had a so-so day yesterday at the tables. Cashed in two of six SnG’s and bubbled the other four, grrrrr. After that (well during the last SnG anyways) I sat down for the WWdN:Not. Let me start by saying that the SnG I was playing was the longest freaking single-table SnG in history, damn near two hours long. Anyways, the Not was a good time. The hand that stands out the most is the one I played piss-poor. I had an AJ in mid-position and made a decent raise of about 3.5 BB and Katitude called me. During this hand the wife stood in the doorway behind me and was telling me about her day. Now understand that my hearing is not all that great and with the noise of the AC running I have to turn to look at her so I can hear her. So here I am, twisting back and forth throwing hundreds into the pot (flop was AxQ rainbow or something), betting ½ the pot each time and I keep getting called by Kat. So throw in chips and turn back to my conversation. Hear the beep, see another brick, bet ½ the pot and get called again. Turn back to my conversation, hear the beep, see a K on the river bet ½ the pot and get raised from 900 to 1800. I look at the screen, say fuck, realize I have to push or fold and muck my cards. The wife says, “That’s not my fault” and then leaves.

Un.Freaking.Real. There is a chair right next to me that she could have sat down in to talk, that way I could have still focused on the action at the table and carried on a conversation without any real problems. I ended up donking off about 2/3 of my stack in that hand, but at least Kat put them to good use and ended up being the Not of the tourney, so the next one is in her name. I figure she had two pair or a set, I really do not think she made the straight because I do not see her playing a QT down to the river with those bets. The only things I can put her on is AQ, AK, maybe a KQs, but I guess we’ll never know.

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