Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Root Canal

Well it looks like I get to have a root canal done!! They did the preliminary work on it last week and they are getting the insurance authorization for the procedure. Guess I’ll be an indentured servant in a week or so, what fun!

Last night’s game was rather interesting. In the span of two and a half hours (the total amount of time I was in the game) by best hand was an ATo. I got only one pocket pair, 77, and they cost me several hundred chips. The lack of pocket pairs or any two decent overs was more than made up for by the seven times I was dealt Q9, four of which were sooooted. I was getting them so often I felt obligated to play them after awhile, of course they never hit. Oh, and that best hand I was dealt, you know that ATo, well that was also my last hand as I raised on the flop when an A appeared and it folded to the button who pushed and I called (by chance we had exactly the same amount of chips). He showed A6o and spiked a 6 on the river.

Don’t forget that the WWdN is tonight on PokerStars! Though a portion of our brethren is still in Vegas, a larger portion has returned so we should have a fairly decent turnout this week. Hope to see you there!

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