Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bubbles and Senators

Well I managed to pull off yet another bubble. Actually surprised I made it as long as I did with all the crap I kept getting. Oh well, that’s the way this game goes. I felt pretty good about the hand I bust on. I was one of the short stacks, table was 5 handed and I was in the cut-off. Looked down at a KsQs and made a raise of 5k, making it 7k to go. The table folded around to the big blind, who also happened to be a new one here, and he thought and said, “I’ll put you all in.” I put in my remaining 10k and off we went, he flipped over JJ. A89 on the flop (all red), T on the turn and finally a Q on the river. For a split second I though I had it, till I saw his Q high straight. Why oh why couldn’t he make his set and give me the straight? So now that’s 5 bubbles in 7 games, I think I’m starting to lose my sanity.

Anyhow, don’t forget to write to your Senators and tell them that Sen. Frist is a putz and to vote against his proposed legislation to stop online betting. Give them an analogy they can relate to that will help them understand the skill/luck mix such as an analogy to the stock market. Remind them of all the books that can be studied, databases that can be used to track your performance that you can review to improve your game. Let them know that only a fraction of a percent fall into the “click your mouse, lose your house” category of addictive gamboooolers and find an analogy for them too—I used the day-traders. Let them know that state sanctioned gamboooooling, such as your lotteries, typically give you odds that only some numbnuts donkeyfish poker player would try to beat. And finally, say the magic “T” word. Let them know that they are missing out on potentially billions of taxable revenues and would be an easy new tax to pass. What are you waiting for, get busy and start writing!

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