Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm not your DADI

Well the DADI was a fun time last night. Didn’t catch anything all night, but I managed to hang on till a little after break. After managing to get myself down to a nice small stack, around 1500ish I found myself in ep with KQo and pushed. Drizztdj called and turned over JJ. Hit a Q on the turn but the J on the river sent me to the rail. After that I managed to bubble in two six max sng’s.

It was just not a good poker night in general. After the second time that night that my Aces got cracked by marginal drawing hands I think I poured myself too stiff a drink. I managed to donk it up quite well in that second sng, don’t really recall how I went out in that one. To wind things off I sat down at a 25NL ring and continued to play the same. Don’t ask me how, but before I was down by 10% I realized I was too tired and too drunk to keep playing, so as soon as I finished my smoke, I shut down Stars and headed up to bed.

The only decision for today is; tourney, sng, or grind it out in the ring games…

One bit of good news though, I finally managed to successfully pull off my first Hoy and Reverse Hoy. Ya just gotta love that Hoy!!

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