Friday, May 26, 2006

Nothing Special

After break last night I was looking pretty bad with only 2,000 in chips and blinds at 100/200. Then finally it happened, that magical combination of cards and callers. By the time our table was broken up I had pretty much quadrupled up, if not more. As time progressed and blinds hit 1,000/2,000 I hadn’t done too much and only had around 15bb or so in chips when we were down to three short handed tables. By some miracle, I managed to catch just enough to keep me between 10-15bb in chips to the final table.

This past month has been pretty brutal and this was my first final table in weeks. It started out pretty crazy at first and didn’t take long to lose a couple people (2,000/4,000 blinds). Unfortunately, it was the stacks who kept taking them out so it was getting a bit tougher to play them cause you knew you would be raised on any bet. Fortunately for me, that actually worked to my advantage every time except for two, the last one sending me to the rail in third. The one that damaged me the most was when I managed to get a good chuck of my chips into the pot with one of the stacks. He didn’t seem to want to push against me, probably because he didn’t have me covered by all that much (I had been putting dents into his stack for awhile now). Turns out we were pretty much playing the same hand, he just had me outkicked, A9 to AT. Oh well, 4 handed and blinds at 5,000/10,000 ya do what you gotta do.

Since the crowd that night was a bit light, there were only a total of about 150,000 chips in play between us, so even the stacks had M’s less than 10. Needless to say, there was either pushing to get a fold or just folding to any raise. When we got down to three I found my self in the bb with 15,000 left. After I posted, I didn’t even bother to look at my cards and just went all in with my remaining 5,000. The limper called and the other folded and he flipped over a nice AJo. I really didn’t want to flip my cards, but when I did I looked down at a T6o. Imagine my surprise when by the river I had a boat! Last hand was nothing special, A8o v 67s. The flop had both an 8 and a 7, the turn had a 6 and the river was a 2 and I was on my way to the rail.

All in all, it was a decent night. I didn’t make too many bad calls or plays, made several good lay downs and avoided being a donkey when it mattered. Though I must admit to being confused by that one lay down one guy made, and AK pre-flop to a min-raise at a five-handed table….

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