Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tilt Appreciation

Well, I think I finally have a better appreciation of tilt. The first hand I play of the night is AKs. Several limpers so I throw T100 at the pot to see what happens (blinds are only 10/20) and I get one caller. Flop comes AQXr (only one to my suit) and I go to buy the pot with T200, and original caller calls once more. Turn is another Q, so I try to buy again with my T200 and he calls again. River is a Q, so now I have my boat and I go T500. He pushes all-in with T1000. Having never played this person before, I take a quick look at my stack and I would still have 1000 after I make the call, so I take him up on his offer assuming at best he has the X, at worst we split the pot. I was astounded when he flipped over a Q3o!

Now I can fully understand his call on the Turn and his all-in on the River, but the 5x BB call with a Q3o and his 10x BB with a pair of Q’s and playing the board just had me mired in confusion, put me on tilt and throwing a donkey label on him. As it turns out, the rest of the table labeled him as such too and before an hour had passed, he quite generously distributed all of my chips and his chips around the table.

Sadly enough, that hand stayed with me all night and kept me off my game. Didn’t really last much past the three hour mark., oh well, what can you do. Perhaps tonight I’ll do better in the WWdN Invitational #16 (at least I think it’s #16).

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