Thursday, October 13, 2005

Life goes on...

Well, I pick up Moto’s remains on Monday. I got a bit of a surprise too. Turns out that the vet made a resin paw print of her and put her name on it before they sent her off with Gary for cremation at the Pet Valhalla. That pretty much brought me to tears again, it was quite touching and completely unexpected.

She is currently on the ancestor altar at the Zen Center and will be there until the ritual on November 12th. At that time, we will put her ashes in the Zen Garden and have some little indicator there as well. Just need to pick us a nice spot, after all, one day I will be there too!!

And this just in, WWdN is hosting a poker tourney!! That should be quite fun!
What: WWdN Where's My Burrito? Invitational
Friday, October 14th. 4:00 PM EST
Tournament number:

This tournament is open to anyone who reads WWdN or WWdN:IE, or who happens to know that the password is monkey. :)
It should be fun, a nice warm-up to the PokerStars Blogger Tourney, and if enough people show up (and enjoy it, of course) I will make it a weekly event, with the time (and buy-in) rotating to accomodate everyone who wants to play.

I’ll have to see what I can do to make it, will need to get out of work a bit early, but I will be able to make it up next week!

Just recently I was in a satellite tourney that was a $3+$.30 with Re-buys and Add-ons. I had budgeted myself the But-in, one re-buy and the add-on, so at most $9+$.30 for the tourney. I was not prepared for how willing people are to throw their cash away and get those re-buys. There were two people at my table who did 5 and 6 re-buys. I saw only one person lose their stack and leave, and a few others did 2 or 3 re-buys. My theory was if I couldn’t make 3000 chips last me the first hour I had no business being in the tourney.

Well, about 45 min into the game I’m down to about $850 and the blinds were $75/$150 and everyone at the table had done at least 2 re-buys and then those two who had done the 5 and 6 re-buy’s, well let’s just say that there were a freaking ton of chips on the table and my stack was effectively crippled. So I was considering doing my re-buy when finally, I hit some cards, made a hand and doubled up. Now I have about $1,700 and about 10 min left till the re-buy period ends and the break/add-on period starts.

At $1,700, it was survivable at the table, but I figured that if I didn’t hit some cards before we got down to 3 min left, I would bet out the minimum I could to get me to $1,500 or lower so I could do one re-buy and then the add-on shortly thereafter and return from the break with around $5,000ish. Just when I was getting ready to make that play, I caught some cards again and once again doubled up just before the break. When the next hour started I had a little better than $6,000 after my add-on.

I ended up busting out around half and hour later. My stack hadn’t changed all that much, but all the ones around me were getting quite large and those blinds were going up. I ended up in the BB with K2s with a couple limpers. The flop came K2X so I made a 3X BB ($1,600 I think) and got a caller. The turn came 2 so I went all in and got called again. Couldn’t believe that my full house KK222 lost, but that jerk had KK so he had the 22KKK full house. Oh well, that’s poker for ya!!

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