Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bubble Tilt

Is there such thing as Bubble Tilt? Of my past six tourneys, I have finished twice in the money and four times I bubbled out! Being so close and yet so far is pretty bad, but when it happens so many times in so short a time period, it can almost make you sick to your stomach.

Oh well, just let it all go and get ready for tonight. This evening I’m in a $10+1 private tourney on PS. With a bit of luck I will land in the money this time, and trust me, my bankroll can use it! One of the tourneys I bubbled out on was a $10+1 just like this one, and since my bankroll was only $30ish, there is 2/3 all tied up. Add on losing those others and it will pretty well be depleted if I don’t make some cash here soon. Good thing Friday is payday…LOL.

Now there’s a goal, make your bankroll last 3 days till you can add on to it. All in all, on reflection it hasn’t been too bad. My original $25 bankroll has lasted me two months, playing between 3-9 hours a week and tonight will be my 3rd $10+1 tourney, I guess I haven’t been doing all that bad. One of the $10 tourneys I bubbled out on (that hurt) and the other I placed 7th (3 paid) so I’m getting there (I hope). But without a doubt, I can’t afford more that 2 of these private $10’s a month (a total of 5 are open each month), so I will need to pace myself and play smart on my very low-limit games and build up some cash to cover them.

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