Friday, October 14, 2005


Had a very new and really quite painful experience last night. Playing in my SNG, just make it to the final table. My stack was pitiful and I needed to move soon or I would be blinded anted out in about 2.5 orbits or so (200/400+50).

So there is the button, about 3-4 seats away and I got some cards I was considering when…blackness! The computer for some unknown reason decided at that moment to lock up and go blank. I stared at it for a few seconds, jump into ‘oh shit’ mode and reboot.

Sadly, this computer has been in need of a format and reinstall for years, but the roomie hates it when I do that, mostly because she doesn’t back anything up or keep track of her activation codes etc. As a result, it takes a good (well, not good per se) 5-10 minutes for the damn thing to come back up and to get logged on.

By the time I managed to get my game back up, the button is pretty much back to where it had started. My already small stack was pretty much gone and now I was UTG and could last one more orbit. Got a KX, went all-in and of course busted out. So this month I’m getting one more new hard-drive, setting myself up a RAID and reinstalling everything and have a nice clean, fast system again!! Not that it will help my game mind you, but should that happen again I should be able to get back on in a hand or two, rather than ten!

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