Friday, July 22, 2005

Who needs freedom when you can live in a Police State!!

I'm sure that all of our terrorist friends are now celebrating, and with good reason! Not only is the “Patriot Act” surviving, it’s giving the government even more freedom to restrict us without any checks and balances as well as being extended to 2010 before the next review. Not to mention they've now authorized random searches, at least in NY City. The NY city police can do 'random' searches on public transit riders.

Now to be fair, the NY police will not be doing any racial profiling. They are only targeting bags that are big enough to hold a bomb, paying special attention to backpacks and rucksacks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a grenade is a type of bomb, yes? If so, I could put about a half dozen of them in my lunch bag. Guess they will just focus on the big bombs rather than the small bombs. I’m just glad that I’m not someone with Middle-Eastern heritage attending school in NY, heck, I’d probably be getting searched about 12 times a day!

And I can also fully understand the logic behind it, after all, a suicide bomber would never, ever think about leaving the platform/station if they saw police approaching. And it’s preposterous to think that if a suicide bomber were searched that they might actually set off the bomb on the platform or in the station, after all, they only set them off on trains and busses. And I’m sure all terrorists and suicide bombers hold to a very strict timetable and not a one would ever even dream of setting their bomb off a little bit early or late.

I guess pretty soon, this policy will be in place within three blocks of all government buildings, landmarks, or ‘sensitive’ areas, assuming that is not already the case. By Memorial Day, I’m sure that ‘random’ roadside checks will be an everyday thing, especially around bridges/overpasses and tollbooths.

I’m glad to see that these terrorist activities in the US and abroad have had no impact on any of our lives. I’m glad to see that our freedoms are still so safe and secure. I feel more comfortable knowing that the government can now go through all of my personal records, search my home without telling anyone, and now search me on the streets if I have a bag on me. I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I can be held and questioned indefinitely without access to legal counsel or to my family. It’s good to know that all these terrorist activities have not affected anyone’s lives here in these United States… now secretly known as USSR v2.0 RC-1.

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